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Established in 2011, Upstream Finance provides Asset Finance to our customers, allowing them a rent–to–own option, with terms ranging from 24 to 60 month rental. This has allowed us to continue to find new ways to make these products and services more available to businesses in the marketplace today.

The Technology market is the most rapidly growing market in the world today. Keeping pace with products, continually improving service to clients and improving operational efficiency has become a complex issue.

Asset Finance is aimed specifically at this market and caters for change over a period of time. It is therefore possible for clients to expand their systems as needs indicate and to do so without drastically affecting their budgets and cash flow.

Although flexibility is of major importance in any installation, our rental packages have further been designed to offer the greatest possible tax advantages, as well as to cater for the high inflation rate in the economy today. Structured financing allows savings in today’s money (the most expensive) and then allows inflation to erode the value of money over a period of time.  

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Asset - Office Solution

Asset finance for office solutions is a financial arrangement where companies obtain funding to acquire office assets through leasing, hire purchase, or equipment financing, enabling them to access necessary equipment without large upfront costs.

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Asset - Solar Solutions

Asset finance for solar solutions is a financial arrangement where individuals or businesses obtain funding to install solar panels or other renewable energy systems, reducing upfront costs and enabling them to generate their own electricity and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Applying for Asset Finance

Applying for asset finance involves submitting an application to a finance provider, detailing the assets to be financed, financial information, and business plans. The provider assesses the application to determine eligibility and offers suitable financing options.

This product allows customers to acquire and expand their business operations without the need to interfere with budgets and Company cash flows. With options ranging from 24 to 60 months to pay for operational equipment and hardware (Telecoms, Fibre/wireless Internet, Energy solutions) you can focus on growth while we take care of your operations.

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